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    Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy at Gateway Family Chiropractic

    Electromagnetism governs physical processes right down to the atomic level. It only makes sense, then adjusting the electromagnetic energy in your body can improve your well being. Pulsed electro magnetic field therapy (PEMF) is a cutting-edge technique for achieving just that -- and you can experience it at Gateway Family Chiropractic. Click HERE to book your free Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy appointment. 

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    Understanding PEMF

    Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy acts directly on the cellular processes that dictate your overall health, comfort and function. Ultimately, we're only as healthy as our cells -- and cells can develop problems. Each cell relies on electromagnetic energy from its store of electrons to perform basic functions such as metabolism and self-repair, with each organ producing its own characteristic electromagnetic pattern. Over time, however, the cells can lose some of their "charge," like the draining of a battery asked to do lots of work on a daily basis, until their ability to perform their various jobs becomes impaired. This slow failure allows illnesses, degenerative conditions and chronic pain into your life.

    PEMF acts as a kind of recharger for your cellular energy sources. The application of targeted electromagnetic waves to specific tissues can give the cells' electrical and biochemical processes a welcome boost, lending them the energy needed to combat inflammation, disease and dysfunction.

    PEMF's Many Beneficial Applications

    One of the most exciting aspects of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is its demonstrated effectiveness in so many different healing and pain management applications. Some of these include:

    • Back and neck pain - PEMF has shown an amazing ability to help patients with back pain, especially those suffering from a failed previous back surgery. This form of therapy can actually stimulate bone formation and achieve bone fusion. PEMF is similarly effective in treating chronic neck problems, reducing pain and increasing range of motion in patient studies.
    • Joint problems - Joint conditions such as osteoarthritis cause both pain and degeneration in joints. PEMF has the ability to relieve chronic joint pain -- but it also goes further by aiding in bone remodeling and protecting the cartilage that prevents bone-on-bone friction.
    • Chronic conditions - PEMF can safely help patients manage an extraordinarily wide range of chronic diseases and symptoms. This technology is known to help reduce symptoms in individuals suffering from fibromyalgia, neurological conditions (including Lou Gehrig's disease, MS and Parkinson's disease), kidney and urinary disorders, hepatitis, ulcers, headaches, diabetes, glaucoma, endometriosis and many other health challenges.
    • Preventative wellness care - PEMF not only treats many different health problems; it can even help prevent them. The most significant preventative wellness benefit comes from this technique's ability to help the body rid itself of potentially-harmful stress hormones. Regular PEMF sessions can help the body excrete adrenalin and reduce sympathetic nervous system activity. These benefits can help you avoid many of the chronic health problems associated with elevated stress levels, from heart disease and anxiety to immune system dysfunction.

    Learn More About PEMF From Your Chiropractor in Loveland CO

    PEMF can serve as a valuable complement to the other non-invasive, drug-free therapies offered here at Gateway Family Chiropractic -- one of the few health facilities in the area currently employing this state-of-the-art technology. Your chiropractor in Loveland CO can determine whether this form of therapy makes sense for your particular needs before integrating it into your own personalized health and wellness plan. If you've never visited our clinic before, take advantage of our new client special by calling 970-669-7620 or click HERE to book your free Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy appointment.